Fit for 55 – EU Methane Strategy – How do we measure?

In November 2023, the European Union reached a provisional agreement on a new EU Regulation on methane emissions reduction in the energy sector focusing on Oil&Gas companies and coal mines. The Commission proposals on measurement and reporting of methane emissions, which build on the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0) framework.

The new regulation will most likely enter into force during the summer, 2024. The regulation contains the following key measures to minimise the release of methane in fossil fuel operations within the EU:

  • Mandatory measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) requirementsfor emissions at the source level, including for non-operated assets.
  • Mandatory leak detection and repair (LDAR) of equipment for all oil and gas facilities.
  • Ban of routine venting and flaringin the oil and gas sectors
  • Obligation for oil, gas and coal sectors to complete inventory, emissions monitoring and mitigation plans for closed, inactive, plugged and abandoned assets.
  • Limitation of venting from thermal coal minesstarting in 2027, with tighter restrictions from 2031.

How EnviTek can help you in complying the new European Methane Regulation?

We can support you:

  • with the latest FID (Flame Ionization Detector) analyzer designed to perform Method 21, SOR/2020-231 and EN 15446 inspections as well many other types of total hydrocarbon detection.
  • with OGI cameras and QOGI tablets to see the gas leaks invisible to the naked eyes and than to quantify it from the flow rate. For fugitive emissions detection, localization, visualization and optionally quantification. This is also approved as smart LDAR equipment in EPA, Method21 and EN15446 regulations.
  • with High Flow Sampler (HFS) to capture all gas leaking from the component along with a certain amount of sorrounding air.
  • with acustic emission (AE) sensor which finds and quantifies though-valve leakages by examining the very high frequency noise a leaking fluid generates. This valve leak detection tool quickly finds leaking isolation valves, control valves check valves, PSVs and steam taps.

EnviTek is committed to the long, problem free utilization and operation of the instruments, which can be achieved with periodic maintenance. It follows that EnviTek is equipped with gas cylinders for testing the analyzers in the required span and zero points, mass flow meters to measure the overall accuracy of the gas sensors and external flow meters the ensure the accuracy of the flow sensors.