Data Acquisition and Handling System retrofitting – in 5 boiler lines

We just finished one of our biggest project in our business year, within the framework of retrofitting and modernizing the data acquisition and handling system of a biomass fired power plant in Hungary The complex project included 2 point sources and 5 boiler lines. The power plant chose the D-EMS 2020 emission data acquisition and reporting software produced by DURAG Data Systems, which complies with international standards (EN 14181 and EN 17255 conformity). As part of the contract, EnviTek Kft. did the complete implementation, in addition to the procurement of the software/hardware, also carried out the production of the electrical distribution cabinet, its CE certification and design. The DURAG D-MS 500 FC/S dataloggers (1 per boiler line) were placed in the immediate vicinity of the emission measuring points in 60×60 cm electrical distribution cabinet. The data loggers communicate with the central emission PC on a ModBUS TCP/IP ethernet basis. Each data logger was configured with 16 AI, 16 DI and 8 DO (back up function). The data loggers have a temporary data storage capacity of 64 days in order to reduce data loss to a minimum possible level. The central emission PC connected to the network is capable of ModBUS TCP/IP-based communication with the DCS, so the necessary status information and measurement results are transmitted/exchanged to and from the process control system.