Our first CEMS project commissioned in 2022!

EnviTek Kft. won the opportunity to dismantle the old CEMS system and to design and install a new one in a domestic waste incinerator.

The interesting part of the project was that we had to construct a new podium level at the sampling point and a shelter to be protected from the environmental impacts during sampling.

For the complex analytical task, we chose the flagship of SICK, the MCS100FT analyzer (measurement principle: fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy), extended with FID TOC module. The module was integrated into the MCS100FT’s cabinet. The MCS100FT is installed with automatic internal adjustment unit for span check of CO, SO2, NO, HCL, N2O, H2O, HF and NH3. The adjustment unit minimalizes the usage of calibration bottles.

The authority requested to have online data transmission from the incinerator. In regards to that we also developped an additional module for the data acquisition and handling system which is totally compatible with the software used by them in the National Air Pollution Monitoring Network.